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NoMe Edonna is a self-taught artist from California, working primarily in the fields of painting and drawing. Techniques and styles rooted in Dada/Surrealism, Art Nouveau, Symbolism and ‘Graffiti’ Art, are visually prevalent, yet re-contextualized addressing contemporary issues. In recent years, his work has become increasingly focused on social, political and environmental concerns as well as inquiries of science, technology and study of ancient civilizations. Through regular use of recycled/found objects, as well as traditional materials, NoMe has created a unique and eclectic body of work that speaks to the viewer, however subtly or overtly, about our current place in history and the inherent challenge and mystery of human existence.

“My work is a byproduct of urban life in a rapidly-changing world, in which the lines between nature and technology become more blurred each day and the questions of adaptation and survival face humanity as a whole. I feel there is much more to this life than we’ve been taught to see and I hope to help lift the veils and encourage new ways of looking at the worlds in and around us.”

NoMe’s work has been shown worldwide, from street to museum and has been featured in numerous print and web publications. He’s held artist residencies at the San Francisco dump as well as at S.F.’s School Of The Arts high school. He lives and works in San Francisco.

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